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More polymer prices for October emerge in Saudi Arabia

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 04/10/2016 (17:29)
A trader operating in Saudi Arabia reported that more Saudi producers revealed their October polymer prices to the local market.

Following a major local producer’s initial October price announcements, a trader reported that they received new PE and PP offers from another Saudi Arabian producer with decreases from September except for the producer’s new LLDPE c4 film prices which indicate a rollover from the latest September levels.

The producer’s PP offers are down by SAR56/ton ($15/ton) when compared to the September levels while its new PE prices, except for LLDPE c4 film, indicate a SAR77/ton ($21/ton) decrease from the previous month.

According to the trader’s report, the producer’s new PP offers stand at SAR3694/ton ($985/ton) for PP-homo raffia and injection, at SAR3994/ton ($1065/ton) for PP block copolymer injection, at SAR4125/ton ($1100/ton) for HDPE film and HDPE blow moulding and at SAR4050/ton ($1080/ton) for HDPE injection, all on an FD Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, cash basis. The producer’s LLDPE c4 film offers, meanwhile, remained unchanged at SAR4275/ton ($1140/ton) with the same terms.

The trader also reported receiving new October offers from a different Saudi producer. The producer rolled over its offers for PP grades and LLDPE c4 film and LDPE film while issuing decreases of SAR112/ton ($30/ton) for HDPE grades and PET bottle, SAR75/ton ($20/ton) for GPPS and HIPS inj. and SAR37/ton ($10/ton) for PVC k67-68 compared with September.

Accordingly, the producer’s offers are reported at SAR4425/ton ($1180/ton) for HDPE injection, LDPE film and PPBC injection, at SAR4238/ton ($1130/ton) for HDPE film, at SAR4350/ton ($1160/ton) for HDPE blow moulding, at SAR4725/ton ($1260/ton) for HDPE pipe, at SAR4275/ton ($1140/ton) for LLDPE c4 film, at SAR3750/ton ($1000/ton) for homo PP raffia and injection, at SAR4688/ton ($1250/ton) for GPPS injection, at SAR4988/ton ($1330/ton) for HIPS injection, at SAR3364/ton ($895/ton) for PET bottle and at SAR3413/ton ($910/ton) for PVC k67-68, all on an FD Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, cash basis.

Meanwhile, following its initial October price announcements for PP and PE grades, the major Saudi producer also revealed its PS and PET offers to the local market. The producer’s PS offers suggested a decrease of SAR75/ton ($20/ton) from September while its PET bottle prices remained unchanged at the previous month’s levels. However, the producer raised its offers by SAR38/ton for PVC k67-68 and for PPRC pipe Type 3.

The major is offering at SAR4688/ton ($1250/ton) for GPPS injection and SAR4988/ton ($1330/ton) for HIPS injection, at SAR3364/ton ($895/ton) for PET bottle, at SAR3413/ton ($910/ton) for PVC k67-68 and at SAR4913/ton ($1310) for PPRC pipe Type 3 with the same terms.
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