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Nigeria’s Indorama Eleme refutes claims of alleged sabotage

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 16/08/2016 (14:51)
According to media reports, in Nigeria, the Federal Government accused the top two fertilizer companies, Notore Petrochemical and Indorama Eleme Petrochemical with undermining national security and economy by being a channel between Boko Haram terrorists and Niger Delta militants while providing explosive materials.

National Security Adviser Monguno stated that their country would no longer endure a risky condition caused by the ‘unpatriotic’ acts of the fertilizer companies which will risk both the security and economy of Nigeria. He added that the reason for the government’s decision to allow only two companies to sell urea nitrate was to prevent the usage and access of terrorists, militants and other violent groups.

After this news appeared in the press, Indorama refuted the claims regarding the alleged sabotage through export of fertilizers to the farmers in Nigeria. The company noted their commitment to the country and underlined their contribution to the country’s economy by providing more than 85% of the domestic needs of polymers.

A trader operating in Nigeria reported that demand is quite slow in the market while demand for their end product is also below average. He added, “ELEME has raised their offers on the back of high exchange rates and limited availability. Nigeria’s economic condition is not good, producers are confronting some issues with the government and we are not sure about the affects of these issues on the market.”
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