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PVC buyers in India anticipate some price relief in June

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 19/05/2016 (03:36)
PVC buyers in India report that they generally anticipate some price relief in June given weaker demand due to the monsoon season as well as comfortable availability within the country. Potential competition from Chinese acetylene based cargoes is also being cited as a factor putting downward pressure on conventional PVC prices.

A trader based in India reported, “A domestic producer shut one of their lines this week, but this has not had much of an effect on supply as domestic limitations are being more than offset by comfortable availability of import cargoes, especially from China. We received some offers for both local and import material this week, but we are not purchasing as we expect to see a downward trend next month.”

Another trader added, “We placed a bid with an overseas supplier at a price $20/ton below their initial offer level, which was not accepted by the seller. However, we are in no rush to purchase for now as we have sufficient materials on hand in addition to some fresh cargoes on the way. We believe that a Taiwanese major will need to agree to some reductions for the coming month if they hope to conclude smooth sales.” A distributor commented, “We anticipate seeing some price reductions from the local market soon as sellers will need to give some discounts to attract buyers during the monsoon season. In the import market, we believe that a Taiwanese major will need to give some reductions on their prices for next month owing to potential competition from Chinese carbide based suppliers.”

Another distributor reported, “Prices are likely to step back next month as demand will slow owing to the monsoon season while availability is sufficient after India imported large volumes of PVC over the last two months.”
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