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Plasticizers - Europe October 2017

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 18/10/2017 (10:26)
In European plasticizers market, DINP and DIDP prices are following a stable to firmer trend while DOTP prices has rebounded after registering initial decreases in early October.

The price ranges for October stand at €1300-1450/ton for DINP and DIDP and at €1280-1420/ton for DOTP, FD, 60 days.

Suppliers started to offer their October material with increases of up to €30/ton for DINP and DIDP mostly given the higher outcome of the propylene contracts and limited supply from producers. As for supply, Exxon runs a maintenance work in October while Deza’s availability diminished after its planned maintenance during September. However, some converters were able to close their deals at rollovers from last month.

An agent offering Central European DINP and DIDP sold his limited volumes at rollovers for October saying that import material, that is forming the bottom level of the overall ranges, is still putting a downward pressure on plasticizers prices. Converters, meanwhile, purchased their cargoes paying rollovers to increases of up to €30/ton over last month. A film manufacturer purchased some cargoes at rollovers to €20/ton hikes from his regular West European supplier. The source said that Exxon is only selling 50% of his quota this month and Central European material is quite limited.

On the other hand, DOTP prices registered some decreases in early October while they have recently firmed up again in the wake of the upward pressure stemming from higher DINP and DIDP prices. An agent of Asian material standing at the low end of the ranges commented, “We conceded to discounts in different amounts depending on our customers. However, we think that the downward pressure from the import market might cease soon as DOTP prices have already increased by $200/ton in Asia and competitive levels are likely to fade in Europe.” A buyer commented, “DOTP prices were initially decreasing; however, European suppliers are now offering with increases of €20-30/ton, influenced by increasing DINP and DIDP prices.”

In the import market, Turkish DOTP wasreported within the range of €1160-1220/ton on DDP, 60 days. This offer attracted buyers’ interest only in some cases.

The stable to upward trend for DINP and DIDP prices is likely to be extended into the second part of the month as supply constrains are giving an upper hand to the European producers in achieving their hike targets. However, DOTP prices are under a downward pressure on one hand as competitive imports are still present in the market while prices started to follow a firmer path recently on the back of DINP and DIDP prices on the other hand.
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