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Plastics Workshop at Gaziantep

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 19/03/2015 (13:47)
According to media reports, plastics players in Turkey met on March 17, 2015 at a Workshop on Strategic Developments for the Future Design of the Plastics Sector, held collaboratively by the Southeastern Plastic and Chemical Industry Association (GAPLASDER), Turkish Plastics Industrialist Federation (PLASFED) and Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) at Gaziantep Divan Hotel. Deputy Governor of Gaziantep Province Adil Nas, GSO Council Chairman Mustafa Topçuoğlu, PLASFED Chairman Selçuk Aksoy, GAPLASDER Chairman Murat Kökoğlu and GSO General Secretary Kürşat Göncü as well as many invitees attended the workshop.

“The petrochemical sector is of importance for our country as it provides inputs in many sectors like packaging, electronics, automotive, construction, textile and agriculture by producing petroleum refinery products, natural gas, plastics, rubber, fibre feedstocks and the other organic intermediate goods. In other words, the petrochemical industry is a must for modern life,” commented Murat Kökoğlu.

“Turkey’s chemical sector is highly dependent on imports and we can only source 30% of our needs from domestic sources. Plastics production is 90% dependent on imports. Capital and technology are intensively felt in the petrochemical sector,” said GSO Council Chairman Mustafa Topçuoğlu. Topçuoğlu also said that Turkey, which is the second biggest plastics manufacturer of Europe, should produce high value added products while conducting research and development (r&d) as well as innovation studies in plastics and chemical sectors as they steadily rise in value.

At the workshop, it was also reported that 1st Plastics Products Fair will be held in Gaziantep in September, which is the first plastics fair organized in the city.
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