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Players: LLDPE supply tight in Indonesia

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 24/09/2015 (17:04)
Several players in Indonesia report that LLDPE supplies in the country have been tight recently due to some shutdowns on the part of domestic producers.

A trader reported receiving import LLDPE prices at $1170/ton for a South Korean origin and at $1180/ton for a Saudi Arabian origin, both on a CIF, cash basis. “We received a new price from a Saudi major with a $30/ton increase and our supplier has indicated that they are considering additional price hikes next week. We sold a large quantity of LLDPE last week and we believe that sales will remain brisk for both HDPE and LLDPE over the short term as buyers will need to return to the market and replenish after an extended period of absence,” the trader stated.

A trader based in Singapore said that they are offering Middle Eastern materials at $1230/ton for LLDPE film and at $1200/ton for HDPE film, both on a CIF SEA, cash basis. “LLDPE supply in Indonesia has tightened due to a planned shutdown at Chandra Asri while our Saudi supplier is also planning a maintenance shutdown soon. However, we feel that additional cargoes from Thailand as well as the upcoming start-up of Sadara’s plant in Saudi Arabia will help to alleviate this supply shortage,” the trader stated.

A regional producer reported concluding some deals to Indonesia at $1240/ton for HDPE film and at $1200/ton for LDPE film on a CIF, cash basis. “LLDPE supply has tightened in Indonesia as PT Titan recently experienced a 10-day shutdown at one of their lines that resulted in approximate supply shortage of 5,000 tons. Chandra Asri is also planning a maintenance shutdown soon, so we believe that sales for LLDPE to Indonesia will be brisk for the next few months,” a producer source reported.

Import LLDPE film prices currently stand at $1130-1230/ton CIF SEA, cash equivalent basis.
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