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Russia R-PET Flake Update for March

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 01/03/2019 (13:39)
According to players in Russia, the R-PET Flake market followed a stable to firmer trend this week.

The overall R-PET Flake range in Russia was reported at RUB72,000-80,000/ton (USD1,095-1,216/ton) for clear/blue grade on an ex-warehouse/FD Russia, cash including 20% VAT basis.

Some traders kept their prices flat from February, whereas some of them increased their prices by RUB2000-3000/ton (USD30-40/ton).

“We received higher offers at RUB80,000-89,000/ton (USD1,216 -1,353/ton) for materials to be used in the production of sheet application. We are not ready to conclude any deals at the high end of this range as we can buy PET prime material at RUB/96,000/ton (USD1458/ton)” a packaging manufacturer commented.

As for R-PET Flake clear grade, offers reached RUB85,000/ton (USD1,293 /ton)on ex-warehouse/FD Russia, cash including 20% VAT basis, although most offers centered at RUB79,000-81,500/ton (USD1,201-1,239 /ton) with the same terms.
R-PET flakes producers and traders reported, “We have already sold out our March volumes.”

Prices for R-PET flakes mixed colors (brown/green) were reported at RUB68,000-72,000/ton (USD1,034-1,095/ton) on ex-warehouse/FD Russia, cash including 20% VAT. Yet, lower prices at RUB63,500/ton (USD966 /ton) were also obtainable in a few cases.

An R-PET flakes producer highlighted, “We received counter bids at RUB63,000-64,000/ton (USD958-973/ton) on an FD basis, although we are not willing to concede to any discounts for now.” A buyer reported concluding a deal at RUB66,000/ton (USD1,003 /ton)delivered to his factory.

Another end product manufacturer confirmed that prices were slightly up over the last month and added, “We expect that the trend will remain firm based on rising PET bottle waste prices.”

PET Bottle Waste

Meanwhile, the market level for PET bottle wastes stands between RUB38,000-42,000/ton (USD578-638/ton). Some R-PET flakes producers reported that they received offers at RUB35,000/ton (USD532/ton) for clear/blue, brown/green ex-warehouse/FD Russia, cash including 20% VAT. The level increased by RUB3000-5000/ton (USD46-76/ton) from January.

One of the major regional operators (company in charge of waste treatment) notified that they have reduced their PET bottle waste allocations. “We are planning to use our PET bottle waste stocks for our needs as we are going to produce R-PET Flakes. If all goes well, we plan to run our line in May”.

Overall supply of PET bottles waste is not satisfactory due to shutdowns of landfill in regions. Sorting plants are not operating at full capacities which resulted lower R-PET Flakes volumes. Meanwhile, demand has reportedly revived.
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