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Tight HDPE supplies push prices higher in Russia

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 08/04/2015 (14:10)
Traders reported that there is a limited amount of HDPE film material on the market and that this is pressuring sellers to raise their prices. Players commented that the current tightness in supply may be intensified once Nizhnekamskneftekhim switches its production from HDPE to LLDPE at the start of May.

One trader is offering HDPE film at RUB96000/ton ($1511/ton without VAT) ex-works Kazan, cash inc VAT. Another trader said that they can offer this material at RUB95000/ton with the same terms ($1496/ton without VAT). Around 500 tons of the same material was sold yesterday at RUB92500/ton ($1456/ton without VAT).

Another trader sold HDPE film at RUB91000/ton FD Moscow, cash inc VAT ($1433/ton without VAT) commenting that offers are becoming increasingly scarce in the local market. Meanwhile, the producer is reportedly offering HDPE film at RUB90500/ton ($1422/ton without VAT) from a trading platform. The seller will reportedly offer two lots today of 100 and 500 tons.

Converters who received prices at RUB97000/ton FD Moscow region ($1528/ton without VAT) are not really in a hurry to buy at such high prices as they are waiting for volumes from Stavrolen after Stavrolen reportedly resumed production at its monomer units.

According to a source close to the company, the first trials of HDPE film from Stavrolen will be offered on Thursday and there are some rumors that traders are going to set a price at RUB89000/ton ex-works Moscow ($1400/ton without VAT). However, this information has not been confirmed yet.
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