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Trader: Thailand’s local PP, PE prices witness new drops

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 09/01/2015 (16:16)
According to a trader, local producers have reduced their local PP and PE prices by THB1500/ton ($46/ton) for homo-PP and HDPE, by THB1000/ton ($30/ton) for LLDPE film and by THB500/ton ($15/ton) for LDPE film in Thailand.

The trader received new local prices at THB41000/ton ($1249/ton) for homo-PP raffia and injection, at THB41500/ton ($1264/ton) for homo-PP film and at THB43000/ton ($1310/ton) for LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE film. He commented, “Prices are witnessing persistent declines and we expect to see prices below the THB40000/ton ($1219/ton) threshold in the days ahead. Buyers are still purchasing on a needs-only basis. Hence, we are planning to make only a limited purchase from our supplier.”

Thai buyers are generally remaining cautious on their purchases and avoid building large stocks while most sellers comment that they are willing to give further discounts to serious buyers.

A woven bag manufacturer said, “Most buyers are maintaining their wait-and-see attitude as they think that prices have still room to move down. Demand for our end products, meanwhile, has picked up a bit. Hence we are buying in small quantities to cover our immediate needs.”

Locally-held PP cargoes are currently offered at THB41000-43000/ton ($1249-1310/ton) for homo-PP raffia and injection and at THB41500-43500/ton ($1264-1325/ton) for PP film, all on an FD Thailand, cash equivalent basis.

For local PE, prices stand at THB42500-44000/ton ($1294-1340/ton) for LDPE film, at THB42500-44500/ton ($1294-1355/ton) for LLDPE film, at THB43000-44000/ton ($1310-1340/ton) for HDPE film and at THB44000/ton ($1340/ton) for HDPE blow moulding with the same terms.
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