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Turkey makes correction on declaration causing congestion at borders

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 04/03/2015 (13:36)
An update on a declaration dated February 17, 2015 regarding the supervision of imports for solid waste as a part of environmental protection by Turkey’s Ministry of Economy had caused congestion at the borders and a significant number of companies from various sectors suffered from the new practice. The aforementioned update which required a certificate and approval from Turkey’s Ministry of Environment during the entrance of plastic raw materials to the country resulted in up to a 30-kilometer-long truck queue at the Gurbulak border in Eastern Turkey.

As a result of some talks at the ministerial level by Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation (PAGEV), a new adjustment was made on the above declaration and the new declaration has entered into force as of today upon the publication on the Official Gazette.

In line with the new declaration, the following adjustments have been made: 1) the requirement of getting a document from an accredited body as to the originality of the sample from the imported raw materials is abolished; 2) the “Out of Scope Text” will be able to be received from the Provincial Directorate for Environment and Urban Planning where the relevant customs office is located, instead of that of the customs border office; 3)if deemed necessary, the Provincial Directorate for Environment and Urban Planning will be able to send every lot to the customs laboratories or to other laboratories which fit for the purpose. The former declaration requires a test from an accredited body and 4) an invoice taken from a manufacturer or exporter, producer certificate and an attached analysis certificate will be sufficient to cover the “Out of Scope Text”.

PAGEV commented that via the new declaration, companies will be able pull their waiting goods from customs and added that they will continue talks to turn back to the declaration depending on the importer statement which was effective before the declaration dated February 17, 2015.
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