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Turkey polymer imports surge 11.7% on year in December

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 03/02/2016 (17:03)
According to ChemOrbis Import Statistics, Turkey’s total polymer imports rose around 0.5% in December on a monthly basis to reach 408,075 tons from 405,795 tons in November. On a yearly basis, the country’s polymer imports surged about 11.7% in December from 365,248 tons reported in the same month of 2014. In 2015, meanwhile, imports climbed 1.7% to reach 4,481,949 tons from 4,405,435 tons in 2014.

The top polymer exporters to Turkey in December were Saudi Arabia with 88,863 tons, followed by South Korea (44,659 tons), Iran (24,596 tons), Egypt (20,314 tons) and France (17,184 tons). The top exporters for the whole year, meanwhile, were Saudi Arabia with 916,918 tons, followed by South Korea (451,104 tons), Iran (344,990 tons), Egypt (244,014 tons) and Belgium (237,815 tons).

In December, homo-PP imports fell around 8.8% to 138,177 tons compared with the previous month while they rose around 8.8% from the same month of 2014. Saudi Arabia remained the top supplier to Turkey with 50,371 tons, followed by Egypt with 18,394 tons and India with 17,474 tons. Compared with 2014, homo-PP imports edged up 0.3% to 1,489,373 tons in 2015. For PP copolymer, Turkey’s December imports climbed about 6.4% to 26,634 tons from the previous month while imports jumped 56.5% from the same month of 2014. South Korea was reported to be the top PP copolymer exporter to Turkey with 8,050 tons in December and with 72,115 tons in 2015. Compared with 2014, PP copolymer imports climbed 2.7% to 286,554 tons in 2015.

Imports for LLDPE rose 22.7% on the month to 41,624 tons in December while LLDPE imports surged 32.3% on a yearly basis. Saudi Arabia was the top supplier of LLDPE for another month with 15,797 tons. In 2015, LLDPE imports increased 10.7% compared with 2014.

Imports for HDPE and LDPE rose on a monthly basis in December. LDPE imports climbed around 14.3% month over month to reach 24,654 tons while declining 4.3% compared with the same month of 2014. The top three exporters were Azerbaijan (4,532 tons), Qatar (4,230 tons) and Saudi Arabia (3,920 tons). In 2015, LDPE imports rose 6.4% to 268,435 tons from a year earlier. Meanwhile, December HDPE imports climbed 8.1% on a monthly basis and 23.8% on a yearly basis to 64,634 tons. The top three exporters to Turkey were South Korea (16,281 tons), Iran (11,794 tons) and Saudi Arabia (11,267 tons). HDPE imports also edged up 1.3% to 645,801 tons for the full year of 2015.

Turkey’s PVC imports fell around 13.1% from a month earlier to reach 52,163 tons in December. On a yearly basis, meanwhile, PVC imports dropped about 21.8% in December. France stood at the top of the December PVC import list with 12,661 tons, followed by Mexico (9,916 tons) and the USA (5,937 tons). In 2015, PVC imports fell 8.7% to 728,134 tons from 798,062 tons in 2014.

Turkey imported 18,138 tons of PS in December, down about 24.5% on the month while imports increased 22.5% when compared to the same month of 2014. Belgium remained the top supplier with 4,063 tons. When compared with 2014, imports rose 3% to 258,732 tons in 2015. ABS imports, meanwhile, increased 1% month over month to 9,726 tons in December while imports surged 47.8% on a yearly basis from 6,580 tons in December 2014. South Korea remained the top supplier with 5,924 tons. In 2015, ABS imports increased 12.2% to 110,933 tons compared to 98,840 tons in 2014.
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