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Turkey’s November polymer imports decline except for LDPE, PS

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 29/12/2017 (16:32)
According to ChemOrbis Import Statistics, Turkey’s total polymer imports declined by 22.5% in November on a monthly basis to around 377,000 tons. The country’s polymer imports were also down nearly by 18% on a yearly basis.

The top polymer exporters to Turkey remained as Saudi Arabia with 85,818 tons, followed by South Korea (35,437 tons), Iran (29,830 tons), Belgium (19,149 tons) and Egypt (18,111 tons) in November.

Homo-PP imports were down by 26% to 111,909 tons compared to October. Meanwhile, November homo PP imports were also down by 20% from the same month of 2016. Saudi Arabia remained as the top homo-PP exporter in November with 43,493 tons, followed by Egypt (11,658 tons), South Korea (8,766 tons), India (7,584 tons) and Iran (6,954 tons).

For PP copolymer, meanwhile, Turkey’s November imports dropped by 30% on the month to 19,081 tons while they were down by 19% compared with the same month of 2016. Saudi Arabia was the top PP copolymer supplier to Turkey with 5,870 tons in November.

Imports for LLDPE were down by 6.6% on the month while they rose 54% year-over-year to 41,439 tons in November. Saudi Arabia was the top supplier of LLDPE for another month with 15,924 tons, followed by Singapore (5,842 tons). In the meantime, Turkey imported 5,138 tons of mLLDPE in November, down 35% from October.

Imports for LDPE edged up by 3% month over month to 26,978 tons in November. Imports were down by 15.5% compared to the same month of 2016, meanwhile. Azerbaijan took over Saudi Arabia to be the top supplier of Turkey with 5,168 tons, followed by Saudi Arabia (4,703 tons) and Belgium (2,804).

HDPE imports were down by 10.6% in November on a monthly basis to 52,290 tons while they decreased by 9% from a year earlier. Saudi Arabia was the top exporter of Turkey with 12,412 tons, followed by Iran (10,781 tons) and South Korea (6,854 tons).

Turkey’s PVC imports dropped 25% from a month earlier to 54,217 tons in November. On a yearly basis, PVC imports were up 9.6% though. The top PVC suppliers were France (8,822 tons), the US (6,226 tons) and Spain (5,891 tons).

Regarding styrenics, Turkey imported 20.296 tons of PS in November, up by 14% on the month but slightly down by 1.8% on the year. Belgium remained the top supplier with 5,035tons of exports. ABS imports plunged by 27% month over month to 10,403 tons in November, whereas they were up by 14% on a yearly basis. South Korea remained as the top supplier with 6,211 tons.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s November imports for PET bottle were down by 33% month over month to 13,687 tons. They rose by 21% on a yearly basis, however.

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