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Turkey’s PAGEV: Regulations for Iranian imports certified in other countries have eased

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 26/09/2017 (09:13)
According to a statement from PAGEV, positive steps have been taken in Turkey regarding the requirement of consulate approval for all Iranian imports certified in other countries. Accordingly, the consulate approval on the shipment invoice will be sufficient provided that sales invoice is issued in another country for Iranian imports. However, the number of the shipment invoice with the consulate approval should correspond with the sales invoice issued by the third country.

The implementation of the requirement for consulate approval for the invoices the imports of Iranian goods, which came into force on July 24, 2017, was provisionally suspended on July 29, 2017 due to complications in the procedure of customs clearance, thanks to PAGEV’s efforts. The aforementioned implementation re-entered into force on September 21, 2017 and any imports of Iranian materials are now subject to the necessary approvals from the consulate.

PAGEV said, “We have already stated that we would be in touch with The Turkish Ministry about easing the bureaucracy in the approval process, as well as providing a clarification about the approval process of the Iranian imports delivered through other countries, Dubai, especially. We are closely following this topic to find a permanent solution and we will continue our meetings with the Ministry, the NGOs and Iranian business and its representatives.
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