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Turkey’s polymer imports rise for 2nd straight month in April

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 16/06/2015 (09:48)
Turkey’s total polymer imports rose on a monthly basis in April, posting a second consecutive increase according to ChemOrbis Import Statistics. Polymer imports rose by 10.8% compared with March. On a yearly basis, the country’s polymer imports surged around 29% to 451,802 tons in April compared with 350,504 tons in the same month of 2014.

The top polymer exporters to Turkey in April were Saudi Arabia with 97,231 tons, followed by Iran (45,272 tons), South Korea (34,165 tons), Egypt (27,965 tons) and Belgium (25,308 tons).

In April, homo-PP imports climbed around 19.8% to 155,137 tons when compared to March while they surged 28.3% from the same month of 2014. Saudi Arabia was the top supplier to Turkey with 48,789 tons, followed by Egypt with 16,920 tons and Iran with 16,380 tons. For PP copolymer, however, Turkey’s April imports declined 3.7% to 24,104 tons from the previous month. Saudi Arabia was the top PP copolymer exporter to Turkey with 5,662 tons.

Imports for LLDPE posted an increase of 3.7% from the previous month to 31,340 tons while they soared around 31% on a yearly basis. Saudi Arabia was the top supplier of LLDPE for another month with 15,998 tons.

Meanwhile, for other PE products, imports for HDPE surged on the month while LDPE imports declined in April. LDPE imports were down 7.3% month over month to 23,300 tons. The top three exporters were Saudi Arabia (3,823 tons), Azerbaijan (3,378 tons) and Belgium (2,972 tons). April HDPE imports, however, surged 42.6% on a monthly basis to reach 76,706 tons. The top three exporters to Turkey were Saudi Arabia (21,082 tons), Iran (18,755 tons) and South Korea (10,387 tons).

Turkey imported 63,705 tons of PVC in April, down 22.3% from a month earlier, although on a yearly basis PVC imports rose about 21% in April. France stood at the top of the April PVC import list with 16,792 tons, followed by the USA (8,302 tons) and Spain (6,373 tons).

Turkey’s April PS imports were slightly down around 0.2% on the month to 26,916 tons while imports soared 31.1% when compared to the same month of 2014. Belgium was the top supplier with 6,811 tons. Meanwhile, ABS imports rose 24.6% month over month to 11,211 tons in April. South Korea remained the top supplier with 6,811 tons.

Meanwhile, imports for PET bottle almost tripled month over month to 15,915 tons in April from 5,919 tons in March while they rose by 54.4% when compared to the same month of 2014. Pakistan was the top supplier with 7,843 tons, followed by the Europe Free Zone with 5,453 tons.
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