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Turkish sellers dispute the low end of the European PVC range

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 02/10/2015 (14:59)
European PVC prices retreated this week in Turkey in line with the €40/ton lower settlement of the monthly ethylene contracts. This also followed the €15-20/ton lower sell ideas pronounced by major West European producers across the region.

The overall European k67 range in Turkey was reported lower at $780-820/ton CFR, cash in the Weekly Analysis with a note that the low end was not widely available. A few buyers claimed to have received offers as low as $780-790/ton from regional suppliers in the first half of the week, although sellers widely disputed the $780/ton level, arguing that this level has not been materialized yet.

“Considering the weak market dynamics and developments in Europe, we cannot say that the $780/ton level is technically impossible; however, it has not been physically offered this week,” argued a trader.

According to many European players, supplies are comfortable and demand is unpromising in the region. On the contrary, supplies out of Asia and the US are expected to diminish owing to the recent plant shutdowns in these regions. Satisfactory demand is not reported in many regions except from India, where firmer prices have passed this month.
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