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US Dow Chemical agrees to sell its chlorine business to Olin

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 27/03/2015 (17:35)
According to media reports, US-based Dow Chemical has agreed to sell the majority of its chlorine business to world’s biggest chlorine maker, Olin Corp. The transaction value was reported at around $5 billion on a tax-free basis. In December, Dow announced that they decided to divest from the chlorine business because of disappointing margins.

The deal was agreed using a structure known as a “Reverse Morris Trust” which means that the deal will not be liable for taxes. Dow will receive $2 billion in cash and cash equivalents while Olin will assume $800 million in liabilities. Dow will also receive $2.2 billion worth of Olin shares, which it plans to redistribute to its investors. Through this transaction, Dow has already exceeded their target of raising $7 billion to $8.5 billion from selling assets.

As per the agreement, Olin will be the owner of Dow’s chlor-alkali and vinyl assets on the U.S. Gulf Coast, its global chlorinated organics business and the global epoxy business while Dow will become one of Olin’s largest chlorine customers. However, Dow will maintain its chlorine businesses in Europe and Brazil as well as some chlorine facilities integrated into one of its polyurethane assets in Texas.

In a separate agreement, the two companies signed a 20-year agreement which requires Dow to supply ethylene to Olin Corp for the manufacture of PVC.
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