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Privacy Policy

ChemOrbis aims to provide its visitors with the appropriate information to guide their choices while surfing the site. Please find below the necessary information for your security and confidentiality concerns. The statements displayed herein may be amended, if deemed necessary, without prior warning. If you believe that the statements set forth below are incomplete or inaccurate, please e-mail your opinion to

What kind of information for what purpose does ChemOrbis collect from its members?

Our site gathers information from all users who wish to become members, including but not limited to, full company disclosure and background. Such information is permanently recorded on the server and is used in compliance with the existing purposes of the site during an anonymous visit; it might be the case that personal information such as name, profession, or e-mail address is asked for on one of our web pages. The reason as to why this information is requested is set forth on that specific web page. Other reasons for information collecting may be stated as, to provide the necessary information to other members in line with the operational purpose of the site, to better serve its visitors and for its statistical value.

Unlike anonymous visitors, all members who enter the site with a user name and password may be distinguished by the information provided to become a member and the personal login information may be used to recognize the member. In such a case, it would be possible to provide different content to different users, which forms the base of the operational logic of this site and access privileges (who can reach what information under which circumstances, information security levels and the procedures for authorization).

Some of the information that ChemOrbis gathers from its members may be displayed to other members as is necessary for a transaction to be concluded through the site. Such information may consist of company name, address, telephone and fax number, names of the authorized persons and e-mail addresses. Member companies may decide how much information is going to be revealed about their company to the other member companies by the help of the ChemOrbis e-marketplace model.

Who can access to what information?

Basically there are two types of authorized users who can reach the information about the transactions on ChemOrbis marketplace, news and the information about the members. First type includes the members who have the user names and passwords. They can reach the information regarding e-trading activities in line with the operational rules of the site. The other type includes ChemOrbis staff that are authorized to reach necessary information in order to better serve the members.

Can all visitors reach the whole content on ChemOrbis website?

Some sections of the ChemOrbis website require a user name and password. All the new users that are welcome to ChemOrbis after the registration and evaluation process are provided with a temporary password containing alphanumeric characters. After the first successful login attempt, they are forced to change their temporary password to another which they will determine on their own.

ChemOrbis assigns a unique ID to each of its member company users. System notifies the user to change the requested user name, if that one already exists. In addition to the user name and password, ChemOrbis requires "authorization code" in order to perform certain activities in the marketplace. Every member company is assigned a unique authorization code. The administrator user of the member company receives the code and he/she is free to share it with the other users of the company or not.

Our visitors remain anonymous during the visits that are made without entering a user name and password.

Does ChemOrbis site offer an extra security if I log in to ChemOrbis and leave my computer for a while?

ChemOrbis site automatically logs off the user after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Does ChemOrbis use cookie technology?

The ChemOrbis site benefits from "cookie" technology as do many other sites. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are transferred to visitor computers' hard drives by web browsers. Visitors may choose whether to accept or reject cookies through their browser set up. Cookies allow servers to recognize visitors' preferences from their previous visits. ChemOrbis uses this technology to create better visitor experiences and rejection of cookies may result in users' loss of certain functions of the ChemOrbis site. ChemOrbis guarantees that the cookie it sends does not perform any kind of malicious activity.

In case of a breach who should you contact?

If you ever realize a breach against security, privacy or integrity on ChemOrbis site please contact ChemOrbis Customer Support Unit or mail to

If you would like to make a suggestion about the content published on ChemOrbis who should you contact?

You may send e-mail to , in order to make suggestions or to criticize the content. Or you can contact ChemOrbis Customer Support Unit.

Does ChemOrbis have a non-disclosure policy both within the company and with the third parties?

All the ChemOrbis staff are required to sign on non-disclosure agreements with the company, in order for ChemOrbis to protect confidential information belonging both to the member companies and the company itself. In addition to that ChemOrbis does not share confidential information with the third parties without signing non-disclosure agreements with them. In the case of lesser degree security precautions taken by the other party, ChemOrbis insists on making its own agreement to be executed. ChemOrbis pays attention not to make less restrictive changes to its confidentiality policy however; when changes to a less restrictive policy are made, the company attempts to obtain the agreement of its customers to the new policy.

Does ChemOrbis use e-mail functions in order to inform its members?

E-mail notification is a feature of ChemOrbis trading tools and the members are provided with daily, weekly and monthly newsletters, announcements as well. ChemOrbis does not produce and distribute messages known as "Spam".

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