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US PVC loses up to 50% market share in Turkey

Oleh Tim Editorial ChemOrbis -
  • 06/05/2016 (06:49)
There was a steady decline in US PVC imports to Turkey in 2015. This origin ended 2015 with a loss of 29% in Turkey’s PVC market share, registering the lowest import volumes seen since 2008. ChemOrbis Import Statistics now reveal a larger loss for Q1 for US PVC as it reached up to 50% year-over-year.

Import demand from Turkish buyers has been steadily falling since last year. The overall PVC imports retreated by 9% last year while the drop of the first quarter of this year was around 16% on a yearly basis. However, the decrease in PVC imports from the US was larger at around 50%, which is also affirmed by traders who sell this origin in Turkey. The cumulative imports from the US recorded in the first three months of this year also indicate the lowest levels of the past 8 years.

This large slump in market share caused the US to be dethroned from being the top import supplier of Turkey. After sitting at the top of the list for almost a decade, US dropped to 4th place and fell behind France, Mexico and Spain as the first three largest suppliers.

Players attribute this situation to a few factors. Falling end product exports of Turkish PVC converters to non-European countries is cited as the main reason. In addition, the slower economic growth of the country has already made itself felt on the overall PVC demand. The revised antidumping duties from $45/ton to 18.81% are also considered to have played a role in the larger loss of the market share of the US by some players.

Meanwhile, PVC exports from the US to the EU spiked 63% in 2015 on a yearly basis, according to ChemOrbis Import Statistics.

You can visit ChemOrbis Import Statistics by product and ChemOrbis Import Statistics by country to view and compare exact import figures on a yearly and monthly basis in further detail. You can also run your own graphs and make yearly, quarterly and monthly comparisons for different countries in ChemOrbis Stats Wizard.
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