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Brief History

Enpas was founded by Sinan Berkman in 1978, as a chemical feedstock trading company. The headquarters of the company, with an office area and warehouse of 2000 m2, is located at the Dudullu Organized Industrial Area, Istanbul. The company also has a logistics support advantage with its 4500 m2 warehouse at Mersin Free Zone.

Since the day it was founded, Enpas successfully acted as distributor and agency of several international companies operating particularly in engineering plastics. From 1981 on, being the distributor of several companies such as ICI, BASF, Borealis, GE, Dupont, Lucite, Elastogan, and British Tioxide, the company was awarded the “Best Agent and Distributor” prize by General Electric Plastics in 1989, 1990 and 1991.

The company halted its operations in the Turkish market after its operations in Turkey were bought by General Electric Plastics in 1996. However, GE Advanced Material Plastics restored Enpas’ distributor status in Turkey by 2005. Since then, the company being an active player in the Turkish market, is working on improving its product and customer range.

The company is currently the advanced material and plastics distributor of GE, and Turkey distributor of Borealis, Lucite, Kepital and Elastogan.

Product Range

The product range of the company includes;

• PP
• Resins such as ASA, PEI, PBT, PC, PPE, PA as well as some compound feedstocks.

40% of the company’s total sales volume is composed of PP, PE and ABS sales, while the other 60% is from engineering plastics.

Plastics Volume

Prior to its acquisition by GE Plastics, Enpas had a sales volume of 15,000 tons/year. After it restarted its operations as Enpas A.S. in 2005, the company has a sales volume goal of 7000-8000tons/year for 2006.

Supply Sources

Enpas gets its ABS supplies from the Far East, and prefers West Europe for other polymers. The company prefers Western European material to provide regular supply of necessary polymers to the Turkish market, to minimize supply problems and to avoid quality issues. However, they state that their scope is not limited, and they buy material of other origins when necessary.

Expansion Plans

By finding new sources, Enpas initially aims to increase the number of companies in its distribution portfolio.  The company plans to broaden its product range and improve its customer links, while expanding its goals every year.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Enpas considers the Internet indispensable in today’s world and has a website which introduces the company and the products in detail.

A company officer said that they think ChemOrbis is very valuable for market information. He said they use the trading tools of ChemOrbis actively and they receive replies to their announcements from foreign companies, which is considered a pleasure.

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