INA Kimya

09/08/2002 (16:46)

Brief History

INA Kimya entered the plastics sector as the representative of Croatian INA refineries in 1987. The company's headquarters is in Istanbul. They entered the plastics raw material business after a detailed preparation period with Croatian INA and now they are also the representative of Switzerland based MB BARTER & TRADING SA in Turkey.

Since 1999, INA Kimya also began working with Italian petrol company ADRIA OIL, other Croatian companies and Romanian based POLYCOM. INA Kimya is very self-confident about its prices and services.

The company that has provided plastics raw materials to the Turkish market since the day it was founded, is now involved in other projects in the plastics sector. They are attempting to provide trading consultancy. They get help from foreign offices when consultancy for products is needed. Besides this, they follow up the continuous technical developments as well.

The company is also interested in exporting materials from domestic Turkish producers, Başer and Petkim, and is working on projects related to this.

Product Range

INA Kimya has the following plastics raw materials in its product portfolio:

PP - raffia, injection,
PVC - K:57-61-67-70

Other than these, they are interested in urea and fertilizer sales. Their PVC sales volume is much larger compared to their sales of other products. PE is the second biggest product with regard to their sales figures.

Plastics Volume

INA Kimya's plastics sales volume average is 1000 tons/month. They say that as the recent crisis in the banking sector in Turkey has affected the buyers directly, their monthly sales volume has decreased to 1000 tons, but it can be significantly higher when the market is brisk.

Supply sources

INA Kimya provides most of its raw materials from Croatia, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Poland. They say that their customers mostly prefer materials from those origins. They express that they can deliver the demanded materials to the manufacturers in a few days and they believe that their pricing is reasonable.

Besides these materials, the company can also bring material from Egypt and Libya. They also sometimes bring materials from West Europe and Far Eastern countries on demand. They mostly source material from:

PP - Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania
PVC - Poland, Romania
PE - Poland, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Romania
PS - Poland, Croatia

Expansion Plans

They have expansion plans but these have been suspended for a few years now due to the economic crisis experienced in the country. INA Kimya's main target is to merge with one of the companies they are in contact with and begin local trading. Their expansion plans will be applied together with a merger such as this.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

INA Kimya is very well aware of the benefits that the Internet provides and they make use of it for most of their communication needs including contacts with the companies they represent. They also use the Internet extensively for researching purposes.

The company representative that talked to ChemOrbis, expressed that they are satisfied with the services ChemOrbis provides. He said that they follow the price reports and analysis and try to participate in the auctions opened through ChemOrbis in which they can offer material. They are quite happy with the ChemOrbis content.

The company representatives state that they have always been positive about ChemOrbis from the very start and express their wishes for it to become a success with its big step towards modern trading in Turkey, adding that this is a very challenging job in this traditional trading atmosphere, so ChemOrbis has so much to achieve for the future.

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