Kimteks A.S.

17/09/2002 (14:41)

Brief History

Kimteks was founded in 1983 with the intention of trading and in 2000, started its own production activities. The company's activities involve PU raw material production for shoe sole as well as carrying out distribution. The founders of the company have past experience in artificial leather, stout leather, plasticizers and stabilizer production. The company is known as one of the three major players in its field in the Turkish market.

Kimteks is a subsidiary of a larger organization. Kimteks group includes Finparc/Kimteks, a jv. with Italy, and Renkim. The Renkim branch in Turkey operates as an international trader and acts as an exclusive agency for companies that are leaders in their fields such as UCB SA (Belgiun), Arjo Wiggins (England), Tessitura Bresciana (Italy), NuovaFNT (Italy), Repsol Quimica (Spain).

Kimteks' production and warehouse facilities are located in Hadımköy, İstanbul. The company has its sales, imports and financing departments at its headquarter office based in Levent, İstanbul. The number of personnel employed in the company is 45 including administrative staff and factory workers.

Kimteks has created a large portfolio of customers over the years through its activities in the artificial leather and shoe sectors. With its motto to see its customers as partners and develop strong relations with them, the company's main principle has always been to have flexibility and walk hand in hand with the customer. Currently, Kimteks has the ability to meet 80 % of what their customers need.

The company having all the raw materials used in shoe sole and slipper production in its product portfolio and providing the Turkish producers with DELTAPUR/Bayer PU Systems, dominates the market with a 30% share through its increasing sales in recent years. Kimteks has also acquired the exclusive agency rights to distribute Spanish Repsol Quimica's thermoplastic rubbers (SBS) used in shoe and roof isolation sectors and hydrogenised thermoplastic rubbers (SEBS) introduced to the market this year in Turkey. The company has been active as the distributor of Bayer's foaming agent for PVC in Turkey for years.

Product Range

Kimteks' sales percentages for plastics raw material expressed as 30,000 tons/year are as follows:

Artificial leather raw material   55%
Shoe sole raw material   33%
Others   12%

The company's current PU raw material production is 5,000 tons/year, but it has a potential capacity of 12,000 tons for PU production.

Plastics Volume

Figures related to Kimteks' plastics consumption are as following:

10,000 tons/year emulsion PVC
5,000 tons/year PU
6,000 tons/year SBR and SBS

Supply sources

Kimteks holds many exclusive representative rights in the fields of artificial leather and textile chemicals. The company's representations related to polymers are:

Solvent Borne PU: UCB SA (Belgium)
PU chips: Bayer (Germany)
Paste PVC: Atochem (France) & Vinnolit (Germany)

The company also has representative rights for plastics raw materials for shoe soles:

Polychloroprene rubber: Baypren, Bayer (Germany)
Adhesive PU: Desmocoll, Bayer (Germany)
Rubber Chemicals: Bayer (Germany)
Thermoplastic Rubber (SBS &SEBS): Dynasol (Spain)
EVA: Leunna (Germany) & Repsol (Spain)

Expansion Plans

Kimteks has been successful in materializing many of its expansion plans from trading to production. Now the target of the company is to centralize every unit from sales to production under the same roof. Necessary projects have been started already and studies related to this are still being carried out

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Kimteks has a web site introducing its products on the Internet, and the Internet is used within the company for communicating and research purposes. For the future, the company is planning to connect its production site and headquarters through a network.

The company representatives say that they are using ChemOrbis to obtain market information. They express that they follow up the market analysis and the news at the ChemOrbis web site. They say that they think what ChemOrbis is doing is very beneficial for the buyers and hopes ChemOrbis will expand its content by adding new products and hopes ChemOrbis itself will grow bigger.

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