Aksoy Plastics

21/05/2007 (13:22)

Brief History

Aksoy Plastics, founded 25 years ago in 1982, has become an innovative company in its sector. The company watches the developments in polymer technology closely and serves many products which have not been produced in Turkey before to its customers domestically and abroad.

Aksoy Plastics sells plastics coloring solutions and performance increasing additives developed with advanced technology. The company's technical team, which consists of experts in polymer additives and coloring materials, also knows the latest information about polymer features and production technologies.

The company has 10,000 tons/year of masterbatch production capacity with its seven double screw extrusion lines, each of which has a different capacity of gravimetric dosage, in addition to its machinery park with several single screw extrusions

The products are subject to rigorous inspection during the production process, regardless of the order amount, and they are produced with a warranty for the color and performance coherence. Aksoy Plastics responds both to its customers' scheduled and urgent needs in a short period of time with several production lines which have differing capacities.

The company has a ISO 9001:2000 (Bureau Veritas) Certificate.

Product Range

Aksoy Plastics produces and markets coloring and performance increasing masterbatch for the sectors that process plastics. The company's product range is:

  • White Masterbatch (BOPP, PE film and blow molding, PP injection, Engineering Plastics applications)
  • Black Masterbatch (PE film, Pressurized Pipes, Injection, Recycling and Engineering Plastics applications)
  • Colored Masterbatch (PE, PP, PS, PVC and Engineering Plastics applications)
  • Additive Masterbatch (BOPP, PE film and pipe)
  • Filling Masterbatch (BOPP, PE film and pipe, PP raffia, PS plaque)

Aksoy Plastics provides products to many companies in the packaging, building equipment, durable goods, automotive, electronics, agriculture and home appliance sectors.

The company, which has white, black, colored, additive and filling masterbatch in its portfolio produces special formulations for its customers with confidential agreements.

In addition, Aksoy Plastics is the Turkey agent and distributor of Hubron (England), one of the world's leading black masterbatch producers. Aksoy Plastics' subsidiary, Astra Polymers, distributes engineering plastics for DSM, based in the Netherlands.

Plastics Volume

The company purchases:

  • LDPE (injection, film, general purpose)
  • HDPE (injection)
  • LLDPE (injection, film)
  • PET (bottle, film)
  • PP (fibre, raffia, film, injection, BOPP, block copolymer injection, random copolymer injection and extrusion)
  • GPPS (injection, extrusion)
  • HIPS (injection, extrusion)
  • EPS
  • Titanium dioxide (Anatas, Rutil)

Supply Sources:

Aksoy Plastics prefers to import materials from Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, in addition to its purchases from the domestic market. The company believes that plastics and other feedstocks used in masterbatch production are crucial to product performance, so the company is diligent in determining its feedstock requirements. Aksoy Plastics also attaches importance to regular availability in supply and on-time delivery.

Expansion Plans:

Aksoy Plastics' strategy has been to continuously develop and grow since its foundation. It aims to produce value added products and services in the global economy.

The company plans to be known as a trustworthy and timely regional production and sales organization in the European and Asian markets in the mid-term. Aksoy Plastics also aims to be amongst the top 1000 companies in Turkey in terms of revenue and profitability.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy:

An official from Aksoy Plastics stated that internet is an innovative development and that it is a necessity to keep up with modern inventions in today's world. He noted that the internet is widely used in the company for technical and commercial research and for communication.

The official said that the company has been supporting ChemOrbis' e-trading platform since its foundation and added that ChemOrbis publishes the industrial developments in a trustworthy and objective manner. In addition, he said that they mainly watch the Weekly Market Analysis and the Industry News on the site and appreciate ChemOrbis' activity in foreign markets.

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