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Brief History

Faraplan, founded in 1999, is a leading company in producing PVC pipes, plasticized PVC compounds, PE film, compact HDPE pipes, and pressing components in many plastic materials. Faraplan carries out its work through its two companies: Fara Vicentino, which was founded on a total area of 90,000m2 of which 15,000 m2 is covered, and Lugo Vicentino, which was founded on a total area of 8000 m2 of which 4000 m2 is covered. The company has a total turnover of €70 million and ships more than 90,000 tons/year of finished products.

The company values quality and R&D. In each stage, from raw materials to finished products, all the materials are controlled in the new and advanced laboratory in the Fara Vicentino factory. The company has ISO 9001 and VISION 2000 from IIP quality certification, and all the company's products comply with European Standards. The products are certified by the most accredited Sincert institutes at the international level, such as IIP, BVQI, KIWA, O'NORM, SKZ and NF.

Product Range

  • Water Systems (Blutech Evolution)
  • Irrigation pipes (Blutech Evolution)
  • Soundproof Drains (Bluphon)
  • Wiring Ducts (Blu Wire, Roll Cable, Roll Com, Roll Drain)
  • Water pipes for buildings (Blu Ivory, Blu Red, Blue Drain, M1)
  • Sewage systems (Blu Sewer, Blue Sewer Evolution, Blu One)
  • Film (Foglia Verde)
  • PVC Gutter Systems

Plastics Volume

The company has 12 extrusion lines for rigid pipes and sections and 12 lines for pressing connection fittings, totaling 50,000 tons/year of finished product. There are 2 extrusion lines for compact PE pipes using HDPE which total 5,000 tons/year of finished products. There are 4 plasticized PVC granulation lines giving a total of 30,000 tons/year of virgin and regenerated granules, while 3 PE film lines produces a total of 5,000 tons/year of finished material.

Supply Sources

Faraplan is open to collaborate with suppliers from different countries, all over the world. The most important aspect according to them is quality and fast deliveries, as well as competitive prices.

Expansion Plans

Faraplan's target is to expand their activity to foreign markets.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Faraplan as a company relies heavily on the internet and is frequently collaborating with business partners using online trading technologies. They consider ChemOrbis as the best way they have found to be informed about the polymers market and to find new suppliers.

They frequently use the market today and market analysis, but they also use the e-trading platform, which is a very complete instrument to put them in contact with new suppliers.

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