Vatan Plastik

06/10/2008 (18:36)

Brief History

Vatan Plastik Co., founded in 1957, is a private company with 260 employees and is one of the four major producers of stretch films, shrink films, bags and sacks in Turkey. With their latest factory started up in Omerli, Istanbul, they have three factories located in Istanbul that produce a wide variety of products, from industrial packaging products to refuse sacks to engineering plastics.

Of their total output, 60% is exported whereas 40% is sold in the domestic market. Germany, England, Russia, Cyprus, Holland, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Kuwait, Algeria and Iran are some of their export markets.

Product Range

Vatan Plastik's product range includes:

Industrial Flexible Packing Products

  • Stretch film LLDPE (manual and automatic)
  • Shrink film LDPE (PE shrink film, Palette shrink bag gusseted, Palette Shrink film with UV added)

Greenhouse Film for Agriculture - (temporary protective sheeting)

  • PE film
  • Anti-fog greenhouse with UV added
  • Anti-bacterial greenhouse with UV added
  • Vatan2000/antibacterial + anti-fog + UV + IR (30 months)
  • Mulch film
  • Silage film


  • T-shirt bags HDPE
  • Patch handle carriers LDPE
  • Soft loop handles LDPE
  • Freezer bags HDPE

Refuse Sacks

  • Industrial type (roll, loose) HDPE, LDPE or recycled
  • HDPE Basket bags (roll, loose)
  • Heavy duty rubble sacks (roll, loose)
  • Medical waste bags

Engineering Plastics

  • Mineral added Polymers
  • Glass-fibre added PP
  • Flame retardant PP and anti-shock

Polymer compounds

  • Additive concentrates (slip concentrates, anti-static concentrates, anti-bloc concentrates, UV concentrates, white color concentrates)

Other Plastics


  • Calcium carbonate Filled PE- VATPOL
  • Talc Filled PE- VATILEN
  • Flame Retardant PE - VATILEN


  • Calcium carbonate filled PP- VAPOLEN
  • Talc filled PP-VAPOLEN
  • Flame retardant PP- VAPOLEN

Expansion Plans

Vatan says that it has plans to expand its product line by increasing the number of their stretch film LDPE lines in the near future. Starting up a recycling line, which is under construction now, is also among the short term plans of the company.

Plastics Consumption

Vatan Plastik says it consumes an average of:

  • 1000 tons/month of LDPE
  • 60 tons/month of PP
  • 100 tons/month of HDPE
  • 2200 tons/month of LLDPE

Supply Sources

The company's monthly consumption volume is supplied from a variety of sources. Vatan says it purchases from the domestic producer, but qualifies this as a "very small amount", adding that they also purchase from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.

Their HDPE needs are generally sourced from Asia, with some of it purchased from Europe and domestically. The company says the melt flow index of the HDPE purchased from Europe is in the range of .07-.10, but for some of their products they require a melt flow index of .04 which they can find from Asian producers but not from Europe. Their LDPE and LLDPE is generally imported from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, with some of the LDPE and most all of the PP purchased from the Turkish producer.

The company says they must import a large portion of their materials because the domestic producer does not make LLDPE and they feel the producer is not able to adjust its prices in accordance with world conditions. However, they believe that these problems will not last long as the company has now been privatized.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

The company spokesperson reports that they extensively utilize the Internet. They have their own website both in English and Turkish which they use for marketing purposes. They feel that their site, particularly the English version, is very important in expanding their export markets. In addition, they consider themselves to be a good customer for ChemOrbis. They frequently visit the ChemOrbis site in order to take advantage of all it has to offer to them. They have been pleased with the content and market information they have been able to find on the site. The company is looking forward to trading at ChemOrbis as they believe it is a great tool to improve competitiveness by providing an opportunity to be informed about the latest developments in the market.

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