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Brief History

Riccini is a leading Italian company in producing PE and PP corrugated pipes, compact HDPE pipes, PP rigid pipes and in fact can support all of its clients' needs with a wide range of high quality products. 

The company was established in 1952 by three brothers, Marzilio, Andrea and Mario to produce cement pipes for sewage disposal plants. In 1970, spurred on by the market that had appreciated the firm's professionalism and technical skills, the company started manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings and has since enjoyed regular and balanced growth over the years.

Production using plastic raw materials began with PVC pipes for the building industry, PE pipes for pressurized fluid and gas pipelines and wells, and after being in business for 25 years, it arrived at producing corrugated PE pipes for underground cables and for soil drainage. Along with this development, Riccini also grew in terms of personnel, new clients and turnover and as a result, its profits also increased, allowing the company to continue to grow.

The production of corrugated PE pipes and polyethylene pipes for pressured pipelines also led to the need to build two factories away from the corporate headquarters, since there was no longer enough room for production or warehousing. Riccini carries out its work through its two locations, including administrative offices located on Strada Tiberina Nord n° 28/A, in the town of Ponte Felcino and the new production site for polypropylene pipes for sewage systems, polyethylene pipes for pressurized pipelines, polypropylene pipes for artesian wells, and corrugated PE pipes, located at Via Loredana, in the town of San Martino in Campo, which was founded on a total area of 130.000 m2 of which 30.000 m2 is covered.

The daily commitment made by the company's entire staff in the processes and checks, guarantees the standards required by the Riccini Corporate Quality System, which has been certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and Vision2000 regulations from CSQ quality certification. The Riccini company's products comply with European Standards. The products are certified by the most accredited institutes at the international level, such as IIP, IMQ, ZIK.

The company values quality and R&D. In each stage, from raw materials to finished products, all the materials are controlled in the new and advanced laboratory in the San Martino in Campo factory.

The company has a total turnover of €30 million and ships more than 6,000 tons/year of finished products.

Product range

  • Sewage systems (Kingcor, Grip, BluSewer)
  • Wiring Ducts for underground electrical and telecommunications installations (Corrugar, Blu Wire)
  • Water PE Polyetylene pipes for pressurized pipelines, for water supply and for the supply of gaseous fuels (Polier100, PolierGas)
  • Irrigation pipes (PolierBD)
  • Pipe for artesian wells (Ecopozzo, Tubo Pozzi)
  • Soundproof Drains (Drenofilter, Drenocor, Drenobar)
  • Water pipes for buildings (Supertubo, Superplus, Blu Ivory)
  • Water PVC Systems (Blutech)
  • One-piece article for inspecting underground electrical or domestic installations and systems (Pozzetto)


Plastics Volume 

The Riccini company has 11 extrusion lines for rigid and corrugated pipes, totaling 12,000 tons/year of finished product.

There are 4 extrusion lines for compact PE pipes using HDPE100 and LDPE which total 4,000 tons/year of finished products.

There are 5 extrusion lines for corrugated PE pipes which total 5,000 tons/year of finished products.

There are 2 extrusion lines for PP pipes using which total 3,000 tons/year of finished products.

Supply Sources

Riccini is open to collaborate with suppliers from different countries, all over the world.  The most important aspect according to them is quality and fast deliveries, as well as competitive prices.

Expansion Plan

Riccini's expansion target is to increase the company's activity in the national market and expand to foreign markets.

Chemorbis/Internet Strategy

Riccini as a company relies heavily on the internet and is frequently collaborating with business partners using online trading technologies.  Riccini consider ChemOrbis as the best way they have found to be informed about the polymers market and to find new suppliers. Riccini frequently uses the market today and market analysis, but also uses the e-trading platform, which is a very complete instrument to put it in contact with new suppliers.

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