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Brief History

Founded in 1983, Mirsan was Pirelli's first vendor in Istanbul. Later, as the plastics sector gradually gained importance in Turkey and the Petkim Aliağa complex began to be built, they decided to step into this sector. For 20 years they have been running their business based in Istanbul in Mercan, the heart of the plastics sector.

Mustafa Mirza, the founder of the company, began trading with only Petkim material and ABS. Five to six years later, Erdem Mirza and Erkut Mirza became partners and started the import business, providing a wide range of material from diverse sources. They entered the import business in order to provide their customers with material at more reasonable prices.

The Sales Manager of the company, Erdem Mirza, notes that they have a long history in the business showing their reliable background and that they have been giving service to numerous companies in the sector. Mirza says that they sell all types of raw materials, but they are focusing especially on LDPE injection which is a special material.

There are seven people working in the company currently. The company believes it is more efficient to rent a warehouse than own one in order to reduce costs and so they do not own their own, but they do provide material all over Turkey.

As they are aware of global raw material prices they believe it would be profitable for them to enter plastic production as well. At the same time they feel a new plant would help to provide jobs in Turkey as well as help to gain new customers.

Erdem Mirza summarizes the reasons they are different than other companies in the sector as follows:

1.    Their prices are more reasonable as they directly import
2.    They work with low margins, but sell at large tonnages which works out to the advantage of the customer
3.    They give technical support to producers at the beginning stages about which raw materials to use
4.    They have established close relationships with the customers
5.    The contact person for customers is also the owner of the company
6.    Their make direct imports from all regions of the world

Product Range

Mirsan Plastik sells PP, PS, PVC, PE and Carbon Black. Their LDPE sales are higher compared to their other products.

50% of their sales are LDPE
50% of their sales are other raw materials

LDPE injection sales are especially high and account for the largest proportion of their sales volume in PE. In other words, LDPE injection reminds people of Mirsan in the market.

They focus on LDPE injection because:

1.    This material is not produced by Petkim Yarımca any longer
2.    Companies using this material have difficulty in finding it

Plastic Volume

Their sales volume is 3,000 tons/month at minimum and 6,000 tons/month at maximum. Erdem Mirza notes that 6,000 tons/month is the tonnage that is obtained during periods when the market is most active.

The company targets a sales figure of 60,000 tons/year by the end of 2002.

Supply Sources

While providing material generally obtained from international traders, Mirsan also makes purchases from Petkim.

They sell materials with reasonable prices and high quality from every country. Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Brazil, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belgium, and Germany are among the countries from which Mirsan regularly purchases raw materials. They do not have a specific material that they prefer especially.

Expansion Plans

Besides their plans for moving into production they are also planning to increase their carbon black sales. The reason for this is that there isn't any other company other than Tüpraş that sells carbon black in Turkey. Thus, they think this area is a promising field and they want to make use of this opportunity.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Connected to the Internet 12 hours a day, Erdem Mirza, makes use of the all the advantages of the Internet such as obtaining financial information from Forex, or performing bank transactions on the Internet all through the day.

The company has a web page and it is being updated currently. The reason for the updating is to create a more professional site. Mirza points out that after ChemOrbis, the plastics sector has become more interested in the Internet and they have felt the need to prepare a web page.

Mirsan gives the following reasons for becoming a member of ChemOrbis:

1.    They see ChemOrbis as an alternative for increasing their trading volume as the big buyers they work with are members of ChemOrbis and they prefer to make purchases via Internet rather than by phone or fax
2.    As the auctions are generally concluded online, they do not need to call the customer continuously because a firm result is apparent quickly
3.    They can reach new customers via ChemOrbis that they could not have reached otherwise
4.    They can achieve high volume sales
5.    They can be informed about the monomer prices and feedstock prices better thanks to the Chemorbis content
6.    They can follow daily market news

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