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Brief History

Founded in 1989 and based in Konya, Kombassan started investing in the PVC door and profile sector through its subsidiary Kompen which entered the PVC building and construction materials industry with its framing and insulating glass production in 1996. The company uses high technology in its production with processing controlled by computers.

The company is located in Ladik, 45 km. away from Konya. Including the management team and the technicians, 238 employees work for the company. The production site consists of 30,000 m2 closed and 132,700 m2 open area.

Company representatives say that among the 70 PVC producers in the market, Kompen ranks within the first five. With its profile production lines, framing, serial production and insulating glass production divisions, Kompen has an integrated production for complete window products and it uses modern technologies from Germany and Austria. The company produces on 10 extruder lines with 3 shifts 24 hours a day.

Besides its ISO 9002 Quality System Certificate, Kompen has certificates from Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus as well as the certificate from the Turkish Standards Institute. The company aims to provide continuous quality control throughout the production. Its R&D division is working on projects to develop new products, but also works on improving the quality of the systems.

Kompen has created a wide network of vendors and services both within and outside the country. It has 250 producing vendors throughout Turkey. With this vendor system it has a 10-12% market share. It has a branch office in Romania, serving as a bridge for the Eastern part of Europe. It makes exports to 22 countries. Russia, Germany, Romania, France, Holland, and Belgium are some of the destinations.

Kompen has a newsletter named Kompen Bulletin in which it gives information about the developments in the PVC sector, its new products, and social events to the people and parties interested in the sector.

Product Range

Kompen's products are used in the construction sector. We can classify its products as follows:

Profiles: trade marked as KOM100, KOM200, KOM300, KOM400, KOM500, KOM600
Shutters: trade marked as PANJUR
Insulating glass

Kompen's annual capacity is around 12,000 tons. The company generally uses nearly all of this capacity.

Plastics Volume

Kompen consumes around 800-1000 tons of PVC K67-68 per month.

Supply Sources

Kompen generally prefers West European PVC. The company representative that we have talked with explains that they prefer European material since quality of the raw material they is very important to them. He notes that they don't buy material from Far Eastern or non-European sources.

Expansion Plans

Company representatives explain that Kompen tries to expand its product range with new products, and accordingly, they have started selling "siding" products for the construction sector and they have plans to improve themselves in that direction.

They emphasize that they target to increase their market share from 10-12% to 20% with their 250 vendors. They are also planning to open branch offices in Italy, US and France soon.

On the production side, they will add 2 more extruders to increase the production capacity in 2003.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Kompen knows the efficacy of the Internet well. It has a web site of its own which was created with the aim of promoting and trading its products. They have established a trading model that allows online orders, and makes it possible to bring the vendor and the customer closer together.

Company representatives indicate that they find the services that ChemOrbis provides very satisfactory. They note that they realized all the information from the ChemOrbis content has been very useful for them, so they try to follow the content regularly. They have also made use of the auction system and they are planning to do so in the future, too.

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