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Brief History

Tisan Engineering Plastics Company entered the market with urea formaldehyde powder production in 1974. Counting on the experience they had in the sector and their background, they started producing engineering plastics in 1990.

Later they stepped into compound production of polymer composites, knowing that plastic materials, which are very practical and durable, were increasingly being used in daily life.

Tisan’s production and sales activities are run together at one site in Alemdag, Istanbul. The company employs 70 employees including the administrative staff and the workers. The production site consists of 2,000 m2 closed and 3,500 m2 open area.

The products of the company are used in various fields. One of the company representatives indicated that Tisan specifies the most appropriate raw material and the additives for each product before these are put through a quality testing system and the compound is produced.

At its production site, Tisan has 3 double screw and 4 single screw extruder thermoplastic units and a thermoset production unit consisting of buss extruder and equipment. The company is also supporting the quality of its production with its Quality Control and R&D divisions. From the raw material research and specification to each and every step of its production, quality control and R&D activities are carried out.

Tisan believes that the plastics sector needs more research and investment in Turkey. Thus they are working on projects related to engineering polymers to increase their competitiveness and they are trying to make every product they produce more specialized.

Tisan basically targets the domestic market, but it also pursues export activities to Iran and Egypt.

It is emphasized that customer satisfaction is Tisan’s priority and everything from marketing, production, shipment to technical support is performed for the satisfaction of the customers.

Product Range

Tisan’s products are used in various manufacturing fields such as automotive, office tools, industrial parts and fittings, heavy weaponry, electronics, sports accessories, garden furniture, telecommunication, durable goods and small housewares.

Tisan’s products are as follows:

Tislamid – PA
Tislopen - PP
Tisetilen - PE
Tismoset- urea formaldehyde
Tisren - PS
Tisapet - PET
Tisester - PBT
Tisakril - ABS
Tisarbon- PC
Tissan - SAN
Tisetal - POM

Plastics Volume

Tisan’s plastics volume are given as the following:

PA  minimum 40-45 tons/month
PP  minimum 20 tons/month
PS  5-10 tons/month
PE  changes depending on the demand from the customer

Supply Sources

Tisan prefers European products primarily. They also prefer materials from Asian countries such as India or Korea.

A company representative says that their preference for the European material is originating from the fact that they don’t experience any problem with the European materials in terms of quality.

The same company representative also notes that recently, Asian raw materials have become as qualified as European raw materials. So, considering their more reasonable price, they have started to buy from Asian countries, too.

Expansion Plans

Tisan is targeting capacity expansions as a priority. After that, they will be adding new products to their portfolio. They are also planning to increase both the number of countries to which they export and the volume of their exports.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Tisan tries to make use of the internet as much as possible. The company has a web site for the introduction of its products and for trading purposes. The company representatives say that they also share information with other parties via internet.

They note that they are very much satisfied with ChemOrbis and that they are able to follow all the developments in the market and the necessary market information with the help of ChemOrbis. They express that they are continuous followers of the price reports and analysis and they find the content very fulfilling.

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