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Brief History

The root of the Pakpen Group, which has 7 separate firms, goes back to 1970, when the foundations of the company were laid in Konya, under the name Paksu in the field of construction and plumbing materials sales. After some years of experience in this sector, the management of the company decided to start profile manufacturing. In 1989, IBG Pakplastik was founded to run this business as a subsidiary in Konya.

Today Pakpen Group includes Pakpen Foreign Trade, Pakpen International, Rosecco Pakplast, Pakpen-Kazakhstan and Pakpen Srl besides the companies mentioned above.

Pakpen PVC Door and Window Systems is also the producer of Pak Siding, Turkey's first exterior wall siding made of vinyl.

IBG Pakplastik was founded in the No. 2 industrial area in Konya. The company has 20,000 m2 closed and 30,000 m2 open area. Including the 200 employees in this company, 400 people are employed in total in the Pakpen Group. IBG Pakplastik has also a new additional integrated plant constituted of 150,000 m2 area for the production of Pak Siding next to its 30,000 m2 plant. The headquarter of Pakpen is in Konya. The company also has regional head offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Konya. It has 1200 vendors, 400 of which are producers themselves and the rest are sellers.

With its modern plants, equipped with the latest technology and quality oriented approach, Pakpen Group is among the leading companies in its field in the Middle Eastern, Asian and European markets as well as in the domestic market. The company makes exports to 35 countries. Pakpen also carries on production in its newly built plant in Russia through Pakpen Foreign Trade.

Pakpen gives great importance to quality. It has TSE (Turkish Standards Institute), ISO 9002 and Laboratory Accreditation Certificates. It also has Gostr-R Compatibility Certificate in Russia, AZS in Azerbaijan and Compatibility Certificate in Ukraine as well as quality certificates from PUKAD and Ral.

Product Range

Pakpen's products are used in the construction sector. Its products and their brand names are as follows:

Profiles: Universal, Oval, Sliding and P2000
Auxiliary profiles
Blinds and sills
Siding: Classic, Prestige, Elegant

Pakpen's yearly capacity is 40,000 tons, but it is not at full capacity.

Plastics Volume

Pakpen consumes approximately 12,000 tons/year PVC K67-68.

Supply Sources

Pakpen generally prefers to buy raw materials from Petkim, Europe and the US. Pakpen's board member İbrahim Tuza notes that the quality of the raw material used has the most importance for them, saying that they never use a raw material that has not gone through quality tests.

Expansion Plans

Pakpen has been producing its siding product, which is the preferred material for covering the exterior walls of the buildings in the US due to its functional characteristics, under the brand name of Pak Siding for 2 years. It has achieved a first in Turkey with this production. Board member Ibrahim Tuza says these kinds of changes will continue and they are preparing for fence production now.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Pakpen sees the advantages of the Internet. It has a comprehensive web site for the promotion of the company and its products. The Internet is also used for research and communication purposes. Tuza notes that they encourage their vendors to create their own web sites and that they are targeting to form a logistics network amongst the vendors which will serve as a trading platform.

Tuza expresses that they mostly make use of the content from ChemOrbis, adding they find the trading platform successful but they think it will take some time for this kind of a system to be efficiently used in Turkey.

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