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Brief History

The history of Azmusebat Group of Companies goes back to 1925. The founders of the company started the business in that year and laid the foundations for the production operations which were to begin in 1986. Today, Azmusebat Lighter and Razor Blade Industry and Trading Corp, Azmusebat Steel Industry and Trading Corp and Azmusebat Construction Corp are the companies that constitute the Azmusebat Group.

The group has lighter and razor blade production sites on a 25,000 m2 closed area within a 50,000 m2 land in Tuzla, Istanbul. In the “Tokai” lighter factory, various types of lighters are produced with technology of the Japanese company Tokai under its license. The “Derby” razor blade factory was added to the group in 1996, but stainless steel razor blades have been produced by Azmusebat since 1971. Both of these companies received ISO 9002 Quality System Certificate in 1998. The company’s vice president Ahsen Cansu says that their goal is to run their production with the highest technology and quality.

Production, sales and marketing teams included, there are 425 people working at Azmusebat. Azmusebat Steel Industry and Trading Corp is the marketing company of the group. It distributes the products of the lighter and razor blade factories and imported Derby batteries as special products, directly or via vendors to 4000 locations around the country.

Azmusebat, exports its lighters and razor blades to Middle East countries, Iran and Iraq in particular.

Product Range

The company’s products can be listed as follows:

   M12L    disposable lighters
   M12 mini    disposable mini lighters
   F4R    refillable lighters with flint
   P4R    refillable lighters with magneto ignition
   GMT-1    kitchen lighters

Azmusebat has 60,000,000 pieces/year lighter production capacity. It is the only lighter producer in the country and meets 80% of the demand in the Turkish market.

Razor Blades
   D-1    Shaving apparatus with single razor
   D-1 Banyo    Shaving apparatus for body shave with single razor
   D-2    Shaving apparatus with single razor
   Derby Professional    Special shaving apparatus for professional shavers
   Derby Extra razor blade    Standard stainless double blade razor apparatus
   Samurai 2 ve 3    Shaving cartridge and shaver with blade
   Samurai 2 ve 3    Disposable system with blade

Azmusebat’s vice president Ahsen Cansu indicates that with the Samurai system, they have 75% market share in Turkey. Azmusebat is the only razor blade producing company with 100% domestic capital.

Plastics Volume

Figures given for Azmusebat’s plastics consumption are as follows:

800 tons/year HIPS and GPPS
750 tons/year SAN

Supply Sources

Azmusebat generally prefers European origin raw materials. The company indicates that since they produce high quality products, they prefer this origin because of its high quality.

They express that quality is really important in lighter production in particular, noting that a lighter must resist up to 65ºC, so if they use low quality raw materials they won’t be able to produce high quality products.

Expansion Plans

Azmusebat started producing various new products in recent years. The company’s vice president stated that they will launch a brand new product they have developed in the following days, adding that they have more projects and they will continue to launch new products and increase their capacity.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Azmusebat uses the internet for promoting and marketing purposes. They have a web site introducing the company.

The company’s vice president Ahsen Cansu indicated that they have learned about ChemOrbis recently and they appreciate the services it provides very much. They are only following the content for now, but they are planning to use the trading platforms as well in the future. They are interested in the auction system in particular.

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