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Brief History

Enplast Plastik began operations in June 2001 in the business of thermoplastic elastomer production. The company, which consisted of only 7 people at the beginning, succeeded in exporting its products within a very short period of just six months. General Manager Sami Amira indicates that they are in service for their customers with their experienced staff from the thermoplastics elastomer sector and their modern production equipment.

Enplast's production site is located in İkitelli, İstanbul. The company has 28 employees, managers and workers included. The production takes place in a 3000 m2 plant. Enplast also has a fully equipped R&D laboratory.

Mr. Amira states that they believe Turkey's thermoplastic elastomer market will grow quickly in parallel with the growth in Europe, adding that they will strive to reflect their expertise in the technical subjects to their production.

He notes that the basic difficulty in elastomer production is the formulation of the materials, saying that for amounts bigger than 15 - 25 tons they are able to apply these complicated formulations with success.

In the Enplast R&D laboratory all physical tests for product development in the engineering plastics and elastomers are performed. With a newly procured device, 250 gr. trial samples are produced. Eleven technical specialists experienced in polymers, including an engineer with a doctorate degree and two Master of Science graduates, are working at the company. Enplast also works with a foreign consultant providing international support.

Product Range

Enplast's product portfolio consists of the following:

SBS (Ensoft T)
SEBS (Ensoft S)
ABS compounds- non-flammable and colored
PP compounds - Mineral-filled and non-flammable types
The following engineering plastics are imported:
POM (copolymer polyasetal)
PMMA (acrylic)
PA 6, 66 (Nylon 6, 66)
PC (Mineral-filled)

The application areas for these products are:

Durable goods
Window profile gaskets
Electrical products
Sports materials
Health products
Industrial wheels

The company has 6,000 tons/year production capacity, 4,000 tons/year of this amount being thermoplastic elastomers. The production takes place with modern technology using twin screw extruders in a fully automatic process without human touch.

Plastics Consumption

The figures for Enplast's PP and ABS consumption are given as follows:

40-50 tons/month PP
80 tons/month ABS

Supply Sources

Enplast purchases material from Europe and Far East countries. Far East countries are preferred the most for rubber. Enplast's General Manager says that price is the most important factor for them in buying PP and engineering plastics.

Expansion Plans

Enplast aims at becoming a specialist R&D company for technical plastics in Turkey.

Genel Manager Sami Amira indicates that they are always focused on expansion, increasing their exports having been the first priority. Enplast is working on projects to increase the number of countries that they export to, from 14 to 20. Amira notes that they want to come to a certain position among the European elastomer producers in particular, adding that they will be completing the requirements to receive ISO 9000 certificate in a month. He emphasizes that they will be expanding their capacity in the future, too.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Enplast believes that internet is a useful tool for making business as well as for research and communication. Genel Manager Amira indicated that they get informed about new developments through the internet. He also notes that they have a web site for promoting their products on the internet.

Amira says they are really pleased with the services that ChemOrbis provides, saying that in particular, they watch the PP and PS markets through ChemOrbis. It is also important to note that Enplast is the first company to start trading through the ChemOrbis Exchange.

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