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Brief History

Eminis Packaging began production in 1970 to supply packaging to a large paint producer. Today Eminis produces packaging for numerous producers in the chemicals and food sectors in Turkey.

Eminis together with its sister companies Plaskap and Uzunyol Packaging is a subsidiary of the Uzunyol Group. Founded in 1995, Plaskap started production in 1996 in the Gebze Organized Industry Zone and became a part of the Uzunyol Group in 2000. Plaskap produces HDPE closures for carbonated and non-carbonated beverage bottles.

Uzunyol Packaging produces packaging with an inner PP membrane in mould labeling (IML), in other words labeled and laminated containers. In Turkey these containers are used widely in cheese, ice-cream and honey packaging.

Eminis shares the same production site with its sister companies. Uzunyol Group has 160 employees, 110 of which are working in Eminis. The companies production area is 30,000 m2. The production runs with 4 shifts per day.

Plaskap exports 75-80% of its production to the Turkic Republics, India, and Central Europe, whereas Uzunyol Packaging has a 10-15 % export rate for its production and exports to European countries. Eminis exports 5% of its production. Company representatives from Eminis say that shipment of their products is more costly because of their size and shapes. Thus, they don't prefer to export due to the shipment costs.

A 16 % stake of Eminis is traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB).

Product Range

Eminis is producing cylindrical and conical metal boxes and buckets with various sizes from ¼ lt to 20 lt; 1 lt to 20 lt plastic buckets and plastic cans with different sizes. Eminis' products can be listed as follows:

Plastics packaging - Containers mostly produced with injection molding as well as small containers and cans produced with blow molding. These products are used in the food, detergent and paint industries.
Metal packaging - metal containers used mostly in the chemicals and paint sectors. Some of these products are also used in the food sector.

Eminis Packaging produces 20 mil plastics packages and 30 mil metal packages a year. Uzunyol Packaging has a production capacity of 30 mil packages/year and Plaskap has over 2 bil packages/year production capacity.

Plastics Volume

Eminis and its sister companies' plastics consumption is as follows:

Eminis -PP injection and HDPE blow molding
Plaskap - HDPE injection and PP co-polymer
Uzunyol Packaging - PP co-polymer

The total yearly raw material consumption of the three companies is 6,000 tons. Purchases are made through one center.

Supply Sources

Eminis prefers to work with minimum stocks. They do not buy from Far East origins for that reason. They mostly prefer European material. A company representative indicates that transactions are quicker when they buy from nearby sources, noting that this is a great advantage for them since they work with low levels of inventory.

Expansion Plans

The company makes plans for continuous growth. Most of the investments are made for plastics injection molding. They have increased the number of injection machines to 20 from 3 since the year 2000. Eminis plastics division is set to see continuous growth.

Company representatives say they use every opportunity to increase the capacity at their plant and expand their exports to a wider international market.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Eminis uses the internet mostly for communication and research purposes right now, but they are preparing a comprehensive web site for the company to be online soon.

A company representative emphasized that they think positively about ChemOrbis and they try to follow up the market reports from the ChemOrbis content. They have not used the trading platforms yet, but they are also positive towards using them in the future as they think these can add efficiency to their purchasing business in which they have a very selective approach.

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