Ozgur Atermit

14/11/2003 (15:26)

Brief History

Atermit was founded in 1956. Being a specialized company in its field, it has large market shares in its business areas. It was the first company to produce roof coating with inorganic fibrous cement in Turkey.

The Adana, Turkey based company has plants and sales offices in Adana, Izmir, Gebze and Yenice. It has ISO 9002 certificate.

Company representatives indicate that Atermit has established its policy and strategy for the production of the highest quality and the best service possible for its customers. They add that they execute their business accordingly for expanding their market, for presenting the consumer with new products and opportunities, for being able to produce the best with lower costs, and for maintaining a high quality level and post sales services.

Product Range

Atermit's product portfolio is as follows:

ATERMIT ISOPANEL: It is produced by using an EPS heat isolation plate in between double metal layers. Atermit guarantees that it doesn't split for 15 years. The head cover part is available only from Atermit.
ATERMIT: Atermit has a 75% share in the market for cement plate with inorganic fiber in Turkey.
ATERBOARD: High density molded EPS heat isolation plate. Atermit launched this product in Turkey. It has 95% market share of this product.
ATERPOR: EPS heat isolation plate. Atermit is the market leader for this product with a 30% market share in Turkey.
ATERMIT PANEL ROOF TILE: With its Roof Tile outlook this product is one of the promising products for Atermit.
ATR-11: This is a sine grooved plate from painted sheet metal. It is used both in house and in industrial buildings.
ATERPACK: This is Atermit's brand name in food packaging production. Atermit produces EPS cups, PET leak-proof containers, plastic cups and containers, plastic plates and plastic lids.
ATERDEKO: This is Atermit's EPS cardboard, lighting armature core and suspended ceiling brand.
ATERMIT EPP: This product is produced mainly for the automotive allied industry. It is used in the Toyota Corolla Sedan, Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Starex. Another application area for this product is multi purpose packaging.

Atermit's plastics volume is as follows:

EPS - 400 tons/month
PP - 150 tons/month
HIPS - 150 tons/month
GPPS - 10 tons/month
PET - 20 tons/month

Supply Sources

Atermit representatives say that they prefer West European products generally, but for PP they sometimes also buy from the domestic producer.

They indicate that they prefer European origin products due to logistical reasons. They note that product quality is the most important factor for them.

Expansion Plans

They emphasize that they always have plans to expand their product portfolio and capacity in parallel to the fast expansion in the isolation and food packaging sectors.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Atermit uses the internet actively. The company has 2 web sites to promote its products: and . A company representative indicated that they use the internet mainly for communication and research purposes, but sometimes also make purchases using it.

They note that they follow up the ChemOrbis content. They add that they can not make use of the trading platforms very effectively yet due to the current tightness in the PS market but they are willing to do so in the future.

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