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Brief History

Evyap Soap, Oil, Glycerin Company started production soap production in Erzurum, Turkey in 1927. The founder of the company Mehmet Rifat Evyap then moved the production site to Vanikoy, Istanbul in 1943 to grow faster and to be near to the raw material sources in Izmir and Istanbul.

Later Evyap started to co-production with another soap company in Istanbul for fabricated soap. After the partnership came to an end Eyvap continued its production in its plants in Avyansaray and Tahtakale in Istanbul. In 1958 the production site was moved to Silahtaraga where its soap brand Duru began to be produced in 1967.

Since 1980 Evyap has been running its production in its Ayazaga facilities in Istanbul besides Egypt and Ukraine production sites. Evyap has affiliates such as Evyap International, Evpas and Evyap Logistics. It has a product portfolio including soaps, shower gels, shampoos, shaving products, toothpastes, and exports have great importance for the company.

The Evyap representative that talked to us said that their soap exports comprises %75 of Turkey's soap exports, adding that Evyap is the leading company in the soap, shaving products and skin care products sector in Turkey. He noted they have large shares in soap market in the countries such as Ukraine, Poland and Kazakhstan.

Evyap company representatives highlighted that since quality is most important to them they use the latest technology to produce high quality products. The company has been working on quality systems for years now. In 1995 they acquired ISO 9002 certificate. They also pursue a comprehensive environmental policy. Their environmental projects were certificated in 2003 with their acquiring ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certificate.

The steam and electrical energy required for production is produced in the Evyap facilities. It also has a water treatment plant now. Raw materials and products are controlled according to national and international standards.

Product Range

Evyap has many product categories under the brand names listed below:

Toilet and bath soaps, liquid soaps: DURU, FAX, ARKO, ELVAN, AVA, SAVOY
Hair care: DURU
Skin care: ARKO
Mouth care: SANİNO
Sun care: ARKO
Personal care for men: ARKO
Detergent: FAX
Cologne: DURU

Plastics Consumption

Evyap does not consume plastic raw materials directly but it gets packages produced from PE, PP, PVC and PET by making contracts with other companies to make production for them.

Evyap representatives made clear that quality of the raw materials is the most important criteria in supplying packaging materials sourced by the Evyap Purchasing Department.

Expansion Plans

Evyap is a company that has reached out to the international market with the exports it makes as well as its investments made for production abroad in the recent years.

One of the company representatives said that they have started to produce hygienic products such as diapers and hygienic pads for women recently. Evyap pursues a continuous growth policy by targeting new products to launch to the market.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Evyap tries to make use of all the advantages internet offers. It has an internet site for promoting its products, and making its purchases online. Its web site also contains detailed information about its production activities and its history.

The company representatives that we talked to said that they are trying to follow up the ChemOrbis content. He indicated that they don't have raw material consumption but they follow up the plastics market as they use plastics packaging materials.

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