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Brief History

The Rompetrol Group today encompasses business activities ranging from Oil and Gas operations, including exploration and production, refining and petrochemicals, wholesale and retail, to Services and Supply Companies, including oilfield equipment and services, and joint services such as logistics, environmental services, maintenance etc.

It has oil and gas interests in Ecuador, Libya, Iraq, Russia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, but notes that its future interest is to stay "close to home" in Romania, the Mideast and the Caspian regions.

Before it became part of a holding group, Rompetrol was originally founded in 1974 as the international arm of the Romanian oil and gas industry. It was later privatized in 1993 by MEBO (management-employee buyout), becoming the largest private company in the oil and gas field in Romania.

In 1998, company control was purchased by Dinu Patriciu and a local investor group and in 1999, a holding company was established as the The Rompetrol Group ("TRG") in the Netherlands. In 1999, the Group made its first major acquisition, the Vega refinery, located in Ploiesti. In 2002, OMV of Austria bought a 25.1% stake in TRG.

The Group's largest acquisition was in 2001, Petromidia S.A., Romania's largest and most sophisticated oil refinery, located on the Black Sea coast. Rompetrol has committed itself to make Petromidia a state-of-the-art facility.

The Rompetrol refining complex at Petromidia houses a cracker with a capacity of 200,000 tons/year, a 60,000 tons/year PP plant, a 60,000 tons/year HDPE plant, and a 60,000 tons/year LDPE plant.

The petrochemical plants at Petromidia, originally built in the 1980s, were restarted recently after heavy investment by Rompetrol. It is now the sole PP producer in Romania with around 70% market share.

The petrochemical business is run by a newly established legal entity called Rompetrol Petrochemicals SRL, established in December 2002.

The producer aims to be a high quality and reliable supplier. It is working to enhance its products to meet customers' evolving needs through its well established Research and Development program.

History in Turkey

Rompetrol Petrochemicals has indicated in its own marketing brochures that the Turkish and Mediterranean markets will be the main export target as they have an important olefin and polyolefin deficit.

The company's marketing literature indicates that polyolefin production will be directed towards the domestic Romanian market and at same time to countries in the regional area mainly Turkey, Serbia, and Moldavia. Italy is also an important market for Rompetrol Petrochemicals.

A source at the producer said, "We have a significant share of our exports aimed at Turkey and we consider this market as one of the most important in the Balkan area - this region being the target that Rompetrol Petrochemicals wants to win as a major player. Relations built up by Rompetrol Petrochemicals with Turkish customers are traditional - Turkey was a consistent buyer even before privatization of the Petromidia Complex - and continuously developing."

Product Range

Petrochemical products include PP, LDPE and HDPE for the following applications:

    Blown Film
    Blow Moulding
    Injection Moulding
    Sheet Extrusion
    Blowing Moulding

The above petrochemicals are certified ISO 9001:2001 and EN ISO 14001:97 by Germanischer Lloyd Certification.

Expansion Plans

The producer says its expansion plans include gaining independence in raw materials supply. It also aims to be the most profitable petrochemical company in the region and to be an important player in the Central & East European market.

Chemorbis / Internet Strategy

Rompetrol Petrochemicals says it has made major investments in launching its e-commerce initiatives. It has its own "B2B" site in the form of a catalog site where customers can search for the products they need. Raw materials may be searched by fabrication process or by product name. Users may pull down specification documents for each of the products found in the catalog. Rompetrol also offers a private online environment for its customers, which allows order entry, order status tracking, reporting, and access to technical data.

Following the strong belief that information is vital for producers as well as for traders, Rompetrol Petrochemicals became a member of Chemorbis. Chemorbis is appreciated as an important tool for gathering and also sharing information in our field of activity, among other internet platforms that the company utilizes.

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