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Brief History

Konimpex Ltd. was founded in 1989 as a limited liability company. The basic profile of the company is in foreign and domestic trade with partners.

An extensive knowledge of the contemporary C.I.S markets by its founders has allowed Konimpex to expand its activities. The commercial exchange at this time was very wide and intensive generically. Later the company started to specialize in trading raw materials and semi-manufactured industrial and chemical materials. Konimpex has also been expanding its field of activities. Among its current partners there are companies from Europe, Asia (India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka), the Middle East (UAE) and both of the Americas (Columbia, Canada, Cuba).

In the course of the 15 years of activities, Konimpex has developed an infrastructure for the commercial service of its clients. There are four warehouses in Poland, and the company also has the possibility for storage of goods in ports of various countries. The main headquarters of the company is located in Poland (Konin) and there are representative offices in Russia (Moscow) and in Turkey (Istanbul).

The Istanbul office was opened in August 2003, although the company started its activities in Turkey in 2002. The establishment of an office became necessary as the trade volume grew and capacities increased. New materials have been added to the palette of products being provided, and the liveliness of the Turkish market led to the decision to make a first step into the country.

Product Range

Konimpex is presently divided into the following departments, which specialize in various products and services:

Carbon Black Department - sales of carbon black,
Non-active Carbon Black Department - sales of non-active carbon black,
Rubber Department - sales of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, precippitated silica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, rubber accelerators, tmq and other raw materials for the tire and rubber industry,
Plastics Department - sales of raw materials for industry: polyethylene HDPE, LDPE, polypropylene PP,
PVC Department - sales of polyvinyl chloride - PVC,
Raw Materials Department - sales of chrysotile fibers,
Pulp Department - sales of celluloses,

Konimpex provides the following plastics in Turkey:

HDPE film, bm, inj, pipe
PVC emulsion, suspension
PP and PS will be included in the product range in 2005

Plastics Volume

Konimpex is planning to reach its target of 500 tons/month in polymer trade volume within 2005. In addition, the company supplies 100 tons/month of rubber and around 800-1000 tons/month of carbon black to Turkey.

Supply Sources

Konimpex mainly supplies the traded materials from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and other former Soviet states.

Expansion Plans

Konimpex supplies a wide range of products around the globe. In addition to other plastics raw materials, the company is planning to supply PP and PS in Turkey in 2005. Konimpex currently stocks the materials to be delivered to Turkey, predominantly carbon black, in Ukrainian ports, but considers building its own warehouses in Turkey, in order to be able to provide its customers with prompt materials. The company is also planning to build a warehouse for polymers in Ukraine.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Konimpex regularly traces the daily market through the information provided by ChemOrbis. The daily headlines and news provide a detailed idea about the current situation of the market and a general outlook for possible developments. The company is also utilizing ChemOrbis trade tools to contact new potential customers and to discover new trading opportunities.

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