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Brief History

NEPA Plastik Kimyasal Madde ve Petrol Turevleri Tic. Temsilcilik Ltd. Sti. was founded in February 2000 in Izmir, Turkey in line with the growing plastics and chemicals demand in the country.

The founder of the company, and most of the employees, have worked for the Turkish petrochemical producer, Petkim, and formed a team with 25-30 years of experience in the sector. The company has a wide range of products in its portfolio from naphtha to polymers.

While being an agent of raw material producers from Israel, Hungary, and Czech Republic, Nepa also exports material to several countries.

Product Range

Nepa makes both polymers and petrochemical feedstock sales. The firm markets the below polymers:


and offers the following petrochemical feedstocks:

          Monomers (ethylene, propylene, styrene, EDC, VCM)
          Aromatics (benzene, styrene, PX, Pygas)
          Fibre feedstocks (ACN, Caprolactam, MEG, DEG, PTA
          Other Chemicals (Adipic Acid, Oxo Alcohols, PA, Methanol)
          Additives (CPE)

Plastics Consumption

Nepa achieved 60 000 tons of polymer sales and traded 210 000 tons of petrochemical feedstock in the year 2004.

Supply Sources

Amongst the main supply sources of the company are Carmel Olefins Ltd – Israel, Borsodchem Rt –Hungary, Chemopetrol A.S.– Czech Republic, J & S Energy S.A. – Poland, Integra – Belgium, Koch Industries – the USA and Peninsula Trading –Portugal.

Expansion Plans

Nepa Plastic has a wide portfolio in the plastics and petrochemicals sector. In regards to PP supply, the firm will achieve higher volumes through Carmel’s new expanded capacity. The firm aims to grow in additives, chemicals and catalyst trading areas.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Nepa Plastic believes that the internet is an indispensable source in today’s world. With that vision, the company’s website is being prepared.

Nepa sees ChemOrbis as an indispensable reference in this sector and finds the content of ChemOrbis perfect. They further think that with the new offices established in China and Lebanon, ChemOrbis has reached a more global status in the plastics sector.

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