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Brief History

PLAST MEC P.V.C SPA has worked for over 30 years exclusively in the manufacturing of plastics for construction use.  The company provides many different products to the construction industry, including products for large public works.  Other companies have also been incorporated under the PLAST MEC umbrella, including Deriplast and Paladeri. Deriplast operates in an area of 50,000 m2, of which 6000 m2 are covered.  The PE production capacity of Deriplast is around 12,000 tons/year with six active production lines.  In 2008, the Paladeri Company joined the group with its Paladex pipe product line which includes pipes with a diameter of 400 by 1500 and coiled tubing with steel core coated with PE.

The company’s production plant of S. M. Maddalena di Occhiobello (RO) covers an area of 6,000 m2 and there is additional 50.000 m2 of open air storage. At this location there is a dispatch office and 7 production lines. The headquarters and commercial offices are based at Ponte Barbarano (VI). The turnover of the last three years was approximately 21 Million Euros.

The company’s articles are produced according to UNI, DIN, EN and IIP mark. To ensure higher quality and better organization, Plast Mec was awarded the certification of quality according to UNI EN ISO 9002 in June 1997.

Product Range

  • PVC pipes for supply of fluid pressure per UNI EN 1452 standards.
  • PVC Pipes for buildings to UNI EN 1329.
  • PVC pipes for sewer to UNI EN 1401-1
  • PVC pipes underground drains whitewater UNI 10972nd type SN4/SN2

Included in the range of products are the pipes of DERIPLAST SPA-2006:

  • HD PE pipes for pressure according to UNI EN 12201 / BS EN 1555 series Gas UNI and UNI EN 12666th for Sewage

Plastics Volume

Plast Mec consumes approximately 12,000 tons/year of PVC while Deriplast consumes around 12,000 tons/year of PE.

Supply Sources

Plast Mec PVC is able to buy and use PVC provided by any type of supplier provided the quality is sufficient for their applications. Essential for the company are the price of the raw materials and the ability of the supplier to fulfill the agreed-upon delivery dates.

Expansion Plans

The company plans to introduce its new product to the Italian market: Paladex, while maintaining its position in the market for PVC and PE pipes.

ChemOrbis/Internet Strategy

Plast Mec has been using ChemOrbis for several months now for market information and trading services and has been satisfied with the results they have seen from using ChemOrbis services.

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