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Polymers Market : Plastics News and Resin Prices

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European PP, PE players brace for another round of 3-digit hikes in Feb
by Manolya Tufan
In Europe, participants expect to see another round of supply-driven increases as February approaches. PE suppliers closed their order books before the month ended owing to supply limitations. Meanwhile, PP supplies remained short amid a lack of imports from mainstream suppliers and export activities of regional suppliers...

PP Copolymer , HDPE , LLDPE , LDPE , Price , Turkey , PE , PP Homo , PP

PP, PE expectations take shape amid divergent factors in Turkey
by Merve Madakbaşı
Turkey’s PP and PE markets retained their bullish trend in January bolstered by supply limitations. Meanwhile, PE recorded more sizable hikes compared to PP due to several reasons. The focus has turned to February recently with players voicing their expectations...

Malaysia , Philippines , India , SEA & India , Thailand , PVC , Vietnam , Price , China , Indonesia , Singapore

Bullish PVC sentiment cools off in Asia; import markets look for direction
by Merve Sezgün
The longest-ever price rally in Asia’s import PVC markets took a knock from a Taiwanese major’s lower-than-expected February hike last week. Following the $30/ton hike announcement, a number of NE Asian suppliers revised down their prices to move them closer to the major’s new levels at $1190/ton CIF China and $1320/ton CIF India...

PP Copolymer , Price , China , PP Homo , PP

Will China's local PP market retain futures-driven gains prior to holidays?
by Pınar Polat
In late November 2020, local PP prices in China retreated from their 20-month highs and followed a stable to softer trend until the week that ended on January 15. As of the second half of January, however, prices shifted upwards with support from the consecutive increases in Dalian futures...

HIPS , SEA & India , Styrene , Price , GPPS , China , PS

Upcoming holidays, COVID spike pressure PS in Asia
by Abdul Hadhi
Import PS prices in Asia have been slipping from late November of last year. It was initially due to the year-end market lull amid holidays but the pressure has continued into 2021 as the number of COVID-19 cases spike and activity starts to thin heading towards the Chinese New Year...

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More Free Information on Plastics Industry: Glossary | Production Flowcharts
About ChemOrbis Free Plastics News

ChemOrbis Free Plastics News section includes plastics industry news covering all the important developments affecting supply and demand balance for the polymers industry and plastics raw material prices.

Plastics News consists of articles about maintenance, plant shutdowns, turnarounds and new capacities as well as global plastics news, current resin prices (prices including HDPE prices, LDPE prices, LLDPE prices), Polypropylene prices (PP prices), Polyvinyl Chloride prices (PVC prices), Polystyrene prices (PS prices) and monomer prices, market trends, supply-demand changes as well as import-export statistics.

Plastics price news may include price levels, production costs as well as production news covering capacity news and force majeure for the following markets:

Asia Pacific & India : China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India

Middle East & Africa : Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, GCC, Iran, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa and South Africa

Europe & CIS : Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Northwest Europe

Americas : North America, South America, USA, Canada, Mexico

and for the following products :

Polyethylene (PE) : LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP (Polypropylene) : PP Homo, PP Copolymer, Polyvynl Chloride (PVC) : SPVC, Polysyrene (PS) : HIPS, GPPS, EPS, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) : PET Bottle, PET Film, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), feedstocks & monomers including crude oil, naphtha, ethylene, propylene, VCM, EDC, styrene, benzene, MEG, paraxylene, PTA and butadiene.

Freight, customs regulations, economic and financial related topics are also covered under the plastics news section.

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