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Alış Talebi TT0619039 Detayı
  • 1 ->Polimerler->PVC->SPVC->SPVC K 67-68
    Kalite Prime
    Notlar Oxy 225P – Formolon 622 – Westlake 1230P – LG LS100H – LG Bohai TL1000 – INEOS S6706 - SOLVIN 267RC – SP 660 
    Ürün Menşei : Görmek için giriş yapın
    Miktar 100 ton
    Ambalaj 1. Palletizing is a must. 2. Packed in 25 Kg Bags. 3. Bulk Bags are not accepted. 4. Loose bags are not accepted.  
    Ürün Spesifikasyon Detayları Değiştirilemez
    Teslimat tarihi 25.03.2020
    Yurt Dışı Ödeme ve Teslimat Şartları
    Nihai varış ülkesi Katar
    • Tercih Edilen Teslimat Şartı

      • Inco/Delivery CIF
      • Liman/Semt Hamad
      • Şehir Industrial Area
      • Ülke Katar
      • Açıklama(Eng) Al Rayyan 
    • Tercih Edilen Ödeme Şartı - Vadeli Akreditif

      • Ön Ödeme %
    İletişim Bilgileri
    Geçerlilik tarihi 21.01.2020 08:28   (GMT+3)
    Adres Bilgisi : Görmek için giriş yapın
    Notlar 1. Third Party If necessary to be mention in details. 2. HS code must be 3904 or 3904.10 3904.21 or 3904.21.00 3904.10.00 in Proforma Invoice , Invoice and Certificate Of Origin 3. If the number of containers will exceed than 8 container so you must divide the shipping document into two sets but you can ship together. 4. Shipping document should be sent to our bank before cargo arrival at least 10 days. 5. Any amendments will be done for first time for free and any others will be on supplier accounts. 6. The shipping will be to new HAMAD Seaport not old one as usual. 7. LC confirmation Charges on supplier's account. 8. +/- in qty and amount will be permitted only as mentioned above, if there is any change, we will accept as a discrepancy but you must announce it before cargo arrival at least 20 days. 9. Invoice and Certificate Of Origin must be attested from your Chamber Of Commerce. 10. Containers must be in good and healthy condition, if any damage resulting in extra payment request by shipping line because of damage - Identified like: Floor worn, Rusted Nails, Internal or External Scratches, …etc) will be in your account and you will be requested to refund us these amounts  
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