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Taiwanese producer lifts PS, ABS prices to SE Asia

Được viết bởi Nhóm Biên Tập ChemOrbis -
  • 04/02/2016 (05:20)
An agent of a Taiwanese producer reported that their supplier increased their PS and ABS prices to Southeast Asia as of today. The producer raised their prices by $20/ton for PS and by $10/ton for ABS, bringing their new offers to $1060/ton for GPPS, to $1090/ton for HIPS and to $1160/ton for ABS, all on a CIF SEA, cash basis.

The agent stated, “The market is quite stagnant due to the approaching Chinese New Year holidays. Demand for HIPS is weaker than GPPS in the face of competitively priced South Korean ABS offers in the market.”

In Southeast Asia, import PS prices currently reported at $1060/ton for GPPS, at $1090-1120/ton for HIPS and at $1160/ton for ABS, all on a CIF SEA, cash equivalent basis.
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